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“This Book is a Gem!”

“This book is a gem. It hits hard at just how simple it is to be poisoned from the vapors from mercury and mercury amalgam exposures and yet just how difficult it is to achieve understanding from anyone in either the health care industry or society in general. Dr. Scheckner is able to take the reader on a journey of just how simple it is for mercury to slowly and silently destroy someone’s life. People are being hurt, not only from the damaging effects of mercury on one’s health, but also from the battle that it takes to achieve acceptance and recognition that mercury poisoning is a disease. This is a compelling story that all too many people in our profession of dentistry and patients who have been treated with mercury amalgam have faced and, because of a societal lack of understanding, will continue to face, unless we start to wake up and stop using this insidious and pernicious agent. Time Bomb from Within: Mercury Poisoning in Dentistry is a simple but heart-wrenching read for every dental health care professional and anyone who has, or has ever had, a mercury amalgam filling.”
—Dr. Nestor B Shapka, BSc, DDS, IAOMT; president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology


Sub-acute chronic mercury exposure from dental mercury-silver fillings as well as environmental sources (coal burning plants) add to the body burden.  Vaccinations can contain thimerosal (mercury preservative) which in my estimation can cause an exagerated response to a residual body burden of mercuy.  Aluminum and lead make mercury 100 times more toxic through toxic synergism mentioned in a previous post.

Evidence of parallels between mercury intoxication and the brain pathology in autism

Acta Neurobiol Exp 2012, 72: 113–153,

Page 138  J.K. Kern et al.


In 2000, Bernard and coauthors published a review of the similarities between Hg poisoning and the symptoms of autism. In their review, Bernard and colleagues pointed out 79 similarities between the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury intoxication. Since that review, many more studies have become available to allow for the current comparison of the specific effects of Hg exposure in the brain and the similar pathological findings in those diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) (see Table I for a summary of the parallels between symptoms of Hg intoxication in the brain and the brain pathology in ASD). The combined similarities outlined by these two reviews are too numerous to be a result of chance. Although there may be genetic or developmental components to autism, the evidence in this current review of the brain findings in autism clearly indicates the reality of brain injury in ASD; moreover, the brain injury symptoms which characterize autism closely correspond to those seen in sub-acute Hg intoxication. The evidence presented in this paper is consistent with mercury being identified as either causal or contributory, working synergistically with other compounds or pathogens in producing the brain pathology observed in those diagnosed with ASD.

Cover up?


Champion’s Gate, FL [April 2, 2013]—The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) vehemently disputes recent allegations made by the American Dental Association (ADA) that there is no scientific evidence validating the harmful health effects of dental mercury fillings.

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Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Perhaps you are interested in reading a good fiction story, one with intrigue, an ordeal of a person battling with incompetence and fraud in a legal case.  The beginning of the book is about a Mercury poisoned dentist dealing with a workers’ compensation case: against him are a professor who distorts facts for money, a doctor who misrepresents himself as an expert witness who would sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, a clever attorney who was told by the insurance company to win at any cost, a tainted judge who was removed from office by the governor after the case.  You would think this is a fiction story.  However, in reality it is factual.  It happened to me!

It is from my personal experience that I have written this book to expose the danger of Mercury in dentistry and the environment.  Most people do not know that we all have a body burden of Mercury and lead in our bodies along with many other chemicals. Ten Americans video:   It is my endeavor to inform the public of these dangers.  With knowledge, we can limit our exposure to noxious chemicals and take measures to reduce our body burden.  As a country, we spend more per capita on health, yet we are low compared to other countries on the quality of our health. Our healthcare system will be overwhelmed with sick people and unsustenable costs if we keep on heading in the same direction.

“Following his life story and experience with mercury provides us all with irrefutable evidence that mercury exposure is affecting the lives of so many people. Dental Amalgams adverse health effects are still widely ignored by mainstream medicine that ignore causes and just prescribe drugs to mask symptoms.”

Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H)

Smoking tooth

Imagine if you could see the mercury vapor coming off of a silver filling.  A silver filling is approximately 50% mercury.

Using a special technique, the mercury vapor coming off of a 25 year old filling is made visible.  If you can see it, it’s more than 1,000 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency will allow for the air we breath.

The following is the link to this compelling video:


Endorsement from a noted authority

The following quote is from a leading physician and international medical lecturer to his large forum of health professionals:

Who has mercury toxicity? The answer is everyone. So how is it manifest, how does it happen, when does it finally get diagnosed?

This well written book by a dentist who has come back from the near dead will help you in educating your patients, just as the Hightower book, Diagnosis Mercury has helped many. But, it did not adequately touch on the dental implications of mercury toxicity. When you read this, think about how do we position heavy metal detoxification – is it elective, as in face lift surgery or Botox  or is it industrial accident related and should be covered under that insurance, or when does it need to be covered by standard health insurance? The problem is we want to help everyone who is sick yet the inspector general is protecting against Medicare fraud and will come after you with penalties and interest and demand return of any and all federal monies if they do not find you to be a qualified toxicologist with documented medical records regarding the exposure and relationship of that to the test results etc.

Remember some get toxic symptoms at levels others endure without apparent problem. Of course, if one has better selenium levels and the other is deficient, then the level of mercury alone is not the defining aspect. But since most people getting rid of lead or mercury should see some improvement in chronic symptoms, then why is not the treatment the standard of medicine today? Reason is any time you have a treatment that improves the health of people the system cannot afford it; that is why HBO is paid only for certain conditions and it took years to accomplish that.

So, if most people might benefit from heavy metal detoxification,
then we have to assume that most cases are not covered by most health insurance. Then books like this will help potential patients decide to put their health first and give up on getting their detoxification covered by anyone. This can be found, as an e-book from Google for as little as $3.50. The story from a well qualified health professional can help thousands realize how lucky they are to find you, as a health professional who is aware of the potential that mercury is the issue. Others will stumble from doctor to doctor who tries to get them out of the office with a useless and dangerous prescription for an antidepressant with no effort to even consider the real cause of their patient’s presenting symptoms.


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
Gordon Research Institute

FDA and Mercury

The following appeared in a letter to the editor in the Sarasota Herald Tribune that I submitted in August 2009:

In 1978 Congress ordered FDA to require that all medical and dental devices be classified (to reflect their safety and efficacy) based on sound scientific evidence. In a shocking recent announcement, certain FDA officials apparently chose to ignore or disregard dozens of reliable peer-reviewed research studies documenting significant human health risks posed by mercury derived from dental fillings. In fact FDA has now classified this substance – which has been declared by EPA as a toxic waste disposal hazard! – as a class II dental device, meaning FDA is claiming it is harmless. Paradoxically this ‘opinion’ of safety stands in direct contradiction to the conclusions of its own 2006 Joint Panel of FDA scientific experts.  It also stands in contrast to the FDA’s own current advisories that pregnant women limit their dietary intake of certain fish due to their mercury content – even though it is known that mercury dental fillings contribute 2-3 times as much mercury to human body burden that do air/dietary & environmental sources combined.. As more and more devastating neurological and other disorders continue to be linked to mercury, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is increasingly concerned about the widespread over-exposure of the human population to mercury. Yet the FDA, the federal agency entrusted by Congress and the American public to advise and protect us from harmful products is now on record assuring us that the single greatest source of mercury, the most potent neuro-toxic element on earth, is now harmless even to pregnant women and children.


Synergistic Toxicity

Dr. Garry Gordon is a leader in alternative medicine.  We are all being exposed to mercury and lead from one source or another.  The problem is that when you have mercury and lead in your body, the effect is not one plus one.  One part lead and one part Mercury in your body is like having 100 times that amount.  This is called synergistic toxicity.  The following is a quote on the universal danger of lead and Mercury in our bodies.

From Dr. Garry Gordon:

Finally Scientific American is recognizing what I have been teaching for years! There is NO SAFE LEVEL OF LEAD.

 “So now we have to stop thinking about the problem as a small number of people who have an acute exposure, and start thinking about the problem as a large number of people who have a chronic exposure,” Schwartz said”.
We all have low level lead toxicity. It comes from everywhere including coal burning, even from China. Lead makes mercury 100 times more toxic yet it is widely ignored in detox programs for autistic children etc. When you understand you do not diagnose or treat lead poisoning on every patient. Learn this subtle change in language and avoid saying lead poisoning and move to phrases like increased body burden of lead that is not in our best interest. Then once you use the correct language, without seeming to be a nut case, you can start to detox everyone for life.
There is no end to this problem. Bone lead takes 15 years to turnover and the increased bone loss at menopause raised blood pressure in women. This is widely ignored, which is why I focus on stopping bone loss and maintaining healthy bones into age 90+.
No amount of IV chelation will remove significant lead from bones. Bone thus continually contributes lead slowly that adds to the lead we eat drink and breath and this lead goes to every tissue including cataracts, kidneys and heart. Thus I hope you learn how safe, affordable, and effective oral EDTA is. I recommend 800-3000 mg. as a daily intake for lifetime, as seen in Essential Daily Defense and supplemented with EDTA capsules or powder and EDTA bathing along with zeolite bathing and Power Drink with Zeogold.
This is a lifetime problem and since IV EDTA does not remove bone lead then it should be clear that rectal EDTA does not do it either! Since we have to do something about lead daily for at least daily for 15 years, and we cannot rely on rectal or IV, who wants to do this daily? There are 507 published references from industrial medicine on my website documenting that oral EDTA works.
We also have other metal issues like copper, iron, aluminum, cadmium and Mercury overload, as well as many other toxins. EDTA is not ideally suited for every toxin like mercury, so it needs help from fiber, Vitamin C, and Zeogold containing oral micronized hydrocolloidal zeolite to your daily lifetime detox protocol. The more you study this amazing rock that looks like a sponge and contains tiny cages the size of atoms of lead or mercury that is negatively charged so that is holds onto toxic metals better than drugs like DMSA, which no one wants to consume daily for life anyway.
Conclusion, we are waking up to the fact that we are born with 1000 times more lead in our bones than was present 700 years ago. It is adversely affecting our health but we have something we can do about it.
Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute
Lead Exposure on the Rise Despite Decline in Poisoning Cases

Leaded gasoline and lead paint are gone, but other sources are keeping the danger high

ByMark Fischetti

Exposure to lead­so toxic­is a problem of the past, right? Wrong. Since the U.S. took lead out of gasoline in 1976 and banned lead paint in 1978, most health scientists, regulators and the public have considered the problem largely solved. But ongoing testing shows that even though the average concentration of lead in the American bloodstream has dropped by a factor of 10 since the late 1970s, the levels are still two orders of magnitude higher than natural human levels, which have been determined by studying skeletal remains of native Americans dating to before the industrial revolution.

Equally problematic, recent health studies have shown that exposure levels previously thought to be “safe” were too high. Scientists from various disciplines are advising the Environmental Protection Agency and health departments to lower the concentration deemed acceptable in the bloodstream, which today averages 1.3 micrograms per deciliter but can be much higher for many individuals. The change is warranted because the latest set of long-term tests done over decades has revealed that many of the health complications from lead arise even at low exposures. Higher levels are not necessary to instigate damage to the body or brain, Joel Schwartz of the Harvard School of Public Health told a somewhat surprised crowd on Feb. 16 here at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting. Excessive lead exposure correlates with a host of ills, including impaired cognition, attention deficit disorder and lower academic test scores for children, psychiatric disorders, and increased blood pressure, hypertension and arrhythmia.

Lead is also increasingly implicated in dementia in the elderly. As we age, our bones demineralize and release calcium (which is why calcium supplements are often recommended, especially for women). “But the bones also release lead,” which accumulates in our skeletons over a lifetime, Schwartz said. “We don’t know if the brain can adapt to the higher levels” of lead in the bloodstream, he said, calling for new research to find out.

The ramifications of lead exposure are financial as well, costing the U.S. about $209 billion a year, said Jessica Reyes, an economist at Amherst College. The bill includes everything from direct medical costs to a heightened need for special education classes and incarcerations for violent crime, which also correlates with higher lead exposure.

The ongoing trouble with lead exposure is not to be confused with lead poisoning, which has dropped significantly in developed countries, including the U.S. The latter condition is caused by acute exposure at high concentrations, which can occur from eating lead paint chips. But all the other problems “are more like chronic diseases that build over time,” said A. Russell Flegal of the University of California, Santa Cruz. “We need to start thinking about the risks in that way.”

Lead is still prevalent in our environment for many reasons. Because lead does not degrade, heavy emissions from the past accumulate in soil. Winds, especially during drought­like that afflicting the Midwest for the past year or so­kick it up as dust, and runoff from heavy rains and flooding can re-suspend the particles in the atmosphere. Trees take up soil particles, too, but when forests burn in wildfires, as has been occurring more frequently worldwide with global warming in recent years, that lead is released back into the air. Fires also release lead from old houses and buildings coated with lead paint that was applied prior to the U.S. ban. Lead smelting and refining is still an enormous industry worldwide, sending more of the metal into the environment. Aviation gas used in planes still contains lead.

Lead is still present in drinking water in many communities, where it can leach from lead pipes in homes, apartment buildings and municipal water system, or from brass fittings or solder used in plumbing. Another 25,000 to 30,000 tons of lead enters the U.S. environment each year from hunting and shooting-range ammunition, fishing-line weights, discarded batteries and electronic waste, said Mark Pokras at Tufts University.
Coal-burning power plants in developed nations also generate some lead in emissions and more so in ash, and the steep rise in coal power in China has boosted levels worldwide because regulations are more lax. Larger lead particles fall to the ground within about 200 meters of the source (including tailpipes, by the way), but the smaller particles, about 0.5 micron in size, can remain airborne for a week before they settle out. According to Flegal, lead particles from China have been found in rainfall in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Many steps can be taken nationwide to further reduce lead levels. Tougher emissions laws can be imposed. Lead paint, still sold in China, for example, can be banned in that country, or for import by other countries. Lead pipes and old lead paint can be removed. A high tax could be imposed on products containing lead, and lead in ammunition and fishing weights could be replaced with substitutes—although materials such as tungsten have not performed well in bullets. A different view about prevention is needed, too. For years, U.S. regulators have focused primarily on reducing lead poisoning, and they have succeeded. “So now we have to stop thinking about the problem as a small number of people who have an acute exposure, and start thinking about the problem as a large number of people who have a chronic exposure,” Schwartz said.
Cost analyses might help push regulators into action, Reyes said. “Perhaps we will find that an X-amount of reduction in lead exposure equates with an X-amount of rise in test scores” [which has been shown in Massachusetts], she said. “Or perhaps we will find that a certain amount of reduction equates with a certain reduction in health-care costs.”

Time Bomb From Within book released

Time Bomb From Within


Toxic Fillings – A Poisoned Dentist’s Perspective

After thirty years of experiencing mercury poisoning first hand, Dr. Stuart Scheckner speaks out to inform the public of the danger of mercury used in the dental profession.  His life’s devotion to uncover the truth about the effect of mercury in dentistry and the environment has translated to his authoring the new book “Time Bomb from Within”.

Sarasota, FL – February 2013  —  Dr. Stuart Scheckner’s career in dentistry was cut short over twenty years ago by a spill of mercury, the ubiquitous liquid metal,  in his dental office.  After daily exposure to the vapors of this highly toxic substance, Dr. Scheckner developed mercury poisoning.  Mercury use in the dental practice has become a highly controversial subject among health professionals, the  public, the American Dental Association and various government agencies.  Dr. Scheckner’s newly released book Time Bomb From Within uncovers the truth about  mercury use in silver fillings or amalgams and it’s insidious effects on the public which is considered by some to be a national tragedy.

The increasing interest in environmental stewardship and living a healthy lifestyle has created a demand to know what chemicals and substances the human body is exposed to.  “The common dental silver filling is like having a leaking broken thermometer in your mouth.  This silver filling is primarily the deadly poison mercury that can cause you any number of health problems, ranging from minor to deadly”, says Dr. Scheckner.  The book takes an exploratory approach from the perspectives of health, medicine and nutrition to enlighten the reader to the potential dangers of mercury in their fillings and the environment.

Time Bomb From Within is available through Abbott Press (order link on this site) in softcover and e-book.

For more information about Time Bomb From Within, please call Dr. Stuart Scheckner at 941-377-2041 or email