Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Perhaps you are interested in reading a good fiction story, one with intrigue, an ordeal of a person battling with incompetence and fraud in a legal case.  The beginning of the book is about a Mercury poisoned dentist dealing with a workers’ compensation case: against him are a professor who distorts facts for money, a doctor who misrepresents himself as an expert witness who would sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, a clever attorney who was told by the insurance company to win at any cost, a tainted judge who was removed from office by the governor after the case.  You would think this is a fiction story.  However, in reality it is factual.  It happened to me!

It is from my personal experience that I have written this book to expose the danger of Mercury in dentistry and the environment.  Most people do not know that we all have a body burden of Mercury and lead in our bodies along with many other chemicals. Ten Americans video:   It is my endeavor to inform the public of these dangers.  With knowledge, we can limit our exposure to noxious chemicals and take measures to reduce our body burden.  As a country, we spend more per capita on health, yet we are low compared to other countries on the quality of our health. Our healthcare system will be overwhelmed with sick people and unsustenable costs if we keep on heading in the same direction.

“Following his life story and experience with mercury provides us all with irrefutable evidence that mercury exposure is affecting the lives of so many people. Dental Amalgams adverse health effects are still widely ignored by mainstream medicine that ignore causes and just prescribe drugs to mask symptoms.”

Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H)