Endorsement from a noted authority

The following quote is from a leading physician and international medical lecturer to his large forum of health professionals:

Who has mercury toxicity? The answer is everyone. So how is it manifest, how does it happen, when does it finally get diagnosed?

This well written book by a dentist who has come back from the near dead will help you in educating your patients, just as the Hightower book, Diagnosis Mercury has helped many. But, it did not adequately touch on the dental implications of mercury toxicity. When you read this, think about how do we position heavy metal detoxification – is it elective, as in face lift surgery or Botox  or is it industrial accident related and should be covered under that insurance, or when does it need to be covered by standard health insurance? The problem is we want to help everyone who is sick yet the inspector general is protecting against Medicare fraud and will come after you with penalties and interest and demand return of any and all federal monies if they do not find you to be a qualified toxicologist with documented medical records regarding the exposure and relationship of that to the test results etc.

Remember some get toxic symptoms at levels others endure without apparent problem. Of course, if one has better selenium levels and the other is deficient, then the level of mercury alone is not the defining aspect. But since most people getting rid of lead or mercury should see some improvement in chronic symptoms, then why is not the treatment the standard of medicine today? Reason is any time you have a treatment that improves the health of people the system cannot afford it; that is why HBO is paid only for certain conditions and it took years to accomplish that.

So, if most people might benefit from heavy metal detoxification,
then we have to assume that most cases are not covered by most health insurance. Then books like this will help potential patients decide to put their health first and give up on getting their detoxification covered by anyone. This can be found, as an e-book from Google for as little as $3.50. The story from a well qualified health professional can help thousands realize how lucky they are to find you, as a health professional who is aware of the potential that mercury is the issue. Others will stumble from doctor to doctor who tries to get them out of the office with a useless and dangerous prescription for an antidepressant with no effort to even consider the real cause of their patient’s presenting symptoms.


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
Gordon Research Institute