Time Bomb From Within book released

Time Bomb From Within


Toxic Fillings – A Poisoned Dentist’s Perspective

After thirty years of experiencing mercury poisoning first hand, Dr. Stuart Scheckner speaks out to inform the public of the danger of mercury used in the dental profession.  His life’s devotion to uncover the truth about the effect of mercury in dentistry and the environment has translated to his authoring the new book “Time Bomb from Within”.

Sarasota, FL – February 2013  —  Dr. Stuart Scheckner’s career in dentistry was cut short over twenty years ago by a spill of mercury, the ubiquitous liquid metal,  in his dental office.  After daily exposure to the vapors of this highly toxic substance, Dr. Scheckner developed mercury poisoning.  Mercury use in the dental practice has become a highly controversial subject among health professionals, the  public, the American Dental Association and various government agencies.  Dr. Scheckner’s newly released book Time Bomb From Within uncovers the truth about  mercury use in silver fillings or amalgams and it’s insidious effects on the public which is considered by some to be a national tragedy.

The increasing interest in environmental stewardship and living a healthy lifestyle has created a demand to know what chemicals and substances the human body is exposed to.  “The common dental silver filling is like having a leaking broken thermometer in your mouth.  This silver filling is primarily the deadly poison mercury that can cause you any number of health problems, ranging from minor to deadly”, says Dr. Scheckner.  The book takes an exploratory approach from the perspectives of health, medicine and nutrition to enlighten the reader to the potential dangers of mercury in their fillings and the environment.

Time Bomb From Within is available through Abbott Press (order link on this site) in softcover and e-book.

For more information about Time Bomb From Within, please call Dr. Stuart Scheckner at 941-377-2041 or email drsscheck@verizon.net